SimplyASP Tech AM FM Radio Universal Antenna, 28" 7 Section Telescopic Antenna

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Mainly used and television, radio, electric toys, remote controls, lamps and lanterns, and for other special configuration communication equipment.

Great replacement for your damaged TV antenna or FM radio antenna.

Unstretched Length : 17.3cm / 6.8"
Max. Diameter : 0.8cm / 0.31"
Sections : 7 Sections
Full Length : 28" Replacement 7 Sections Telescopic Antenna Aerial for Radio TV
* 7 sections telescopic antenna aerial.
* Replacement part for radio equipment, television, car antennas, phone antennas, etc.
* Mounting Hole Diameter : 0.3cm / 0.118"
* Material : Steel, Brass
* Color : Silver Tone
* Weight : 30g

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