Motorola V8, Blackberry & HTC Car Charger

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High quality car charger smart ic chip technology to avoid overcharging. Extended 5 foot long cord. Completely charges most phones and about 1 hour.

You can talk while charging your cellular phone. Nice and stylish retail poly bag. Actual product may vary from picture Compatibility:. Motorola V8. SYS1, SYKatana LX, SYPRO700, SYPRO200, PALM TREO 800w, NK6205. MOTO Z6C, MOTV8, MOTV9m, MOTO Q9h, MOTV9, MOTZ9, MOTE8, MOTV750, LG UX300, LG AX300, LG ENV2(VX9100), LG VX8610,. LG LX400, LG VX9700(Dare), LG VX8560 (Chocolate3), LG AX830(Glimmer), KYOE2000, KYOS4000. Blackberry Flip Pearl 8220/ SAM M540/ M630

Specifications. Color: Black

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