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SimplyASP Tech Proton 5,000mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Pack External Battery

$49.99 $9.99

SAVE $4000

SimplyASP Tech

SimplyASP Tech Proton 5,000mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Pack External Battery

$49.99 $9.99

SAVE $4000
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SimplyASP Tech Proton 5,000mAh Portable Power Pack External Battery Backup Charger for iPhones, Android Smart Phones, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia Phones and Many More


The SimplyASP Tech Proton MP5000 is an ultra portable battery pack capable of charging any USB-charged battery-powered device in need of some extra juice. Packed with 5000mAh of battery capacity, it can provide up to 1A of charging output. The slim polymer battery makes sure this device is very thin and small for maximum portability. Basically it fits in the palm of your hand!

Battery Case Features:

Packed with a 5000mAh capacity battery, this battery case has a 1A USB output. The device is perfect for any smartphone, tablet, MP3 or MP4 player, portable GPS device, or other digital device in need of an extra boost! It is basically a portable power plug that you can have access to on the go!

There are 5 color variations: Black, Green, Blue, White and Rose to match different tastes.

The battery pack comes with a high quality USB charging cable and 4 interchangeable charging tips: 30pin USB (iPhone 4S and below, iPad 4 and below), micro USB (most smartphones), mini USB (most digital cameras), and Nokia charging tip, making this device the ultimate accessory to have in your purse, briefcase, or travel bag. The USB cable can be used with any USB charger to recharge the battery pack when it is drained.

The battery pack has a 4 built-in LEDs indicators to show remaining capacity or charging function. The device also has built-in overcharge protection mechanism, turning the battery charging function off when your digital device battery reaches 100%.

SimplyASP Tech 100% Customer Satisfaction:

SimplyASP Tech has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so get your SimplyASP Tech Proton MP5000 and be sure that we've got you covered with our iron clad warranty.


  • Light and slim 5000mAh polymer battery ensures compact design
  • Works with any USB powered digital device up to 1A input
  • Included USB cable includes 4 interchangeable tips: 30-pin USB, micro USB, mini USB, and Nokia connector (Can use your device's USB cable as well)
  • 1 USB output: 1A output
  • Available in Black, Green, Blue, White, and Rose

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